Friday, April 17, 2009

Preparing for the SharePoint MCM Course

If you check out recommended pre-reading list for the Microsoft Certified Master training in SharePoint, you will find that it presents a great deal of work. Since I have to also manage my job and my family time it becomes quite a challenge.

So I needed to measure the volume of preparation work. I've transferred the items to an Excel spreadsheet, added up video hours, and summed up all book pages together. As there is a lot of online content I printed it to PDF to estimate number of pages, and added them up as well. This was an approximation because there were lots of cross-links, but it nevertheless gave a good idea of the overall volume.

The resultant Excel table lists pages and applicable video hours for each item. Also it counts down remaining days before the course start and lets you adjust average number of hours you can spend on studying daily as well as your hourly reading rate. This way you can see whether you will make it with your reading on time, or if you need to free up more of your time. You can download the spreadsheet here.

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