Thursday, October 29, 2009

SPC 2009

It was a major event at a major venue. Organization was perfect: About 7500 attendees, most of whom were customers, enjoyed a total of ~300 hours of presentation material, over 40 hours of hands-on labs, were well fed and entertained (the 80s party night was a blast!).

To me SPC 2009 was a great learning and networking opportunity. It was great to meet new people and to see people I have worked with in the past, including instructors and folks from SharePoint MCM3 rotation. Out of what I managed to attend, my favorites were both keynote presentations, business continuity management presentation by Doron Bar-Caspi and Bill Baer, and hands-on labs.

Keynotes were done with superb quality, which definitely draws on art besides the knowledge.

I enjoyed listening to Bill during MCM course, and during SPC he and Doron have delivered the best technical presentation out of the ones I’ve attended.

SPC2009s Hands-on labs helped me to quench my zest for playing with 2010 in the absence of Beta 2. In fact I’ve spent significant time in the lab knowing that recorded presentations would be available later. The lab room itself was impressive. The picture shows about 2/3 of it.

Thanks to the SPC organizers!