Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Toronto SharePoint Code Camp 2009 - Great Venue, Great Organization

I was presenting at the Toronto SharePoint Camp for the first time last weekend. The event has exceeded my expectations by all accounts. The venue and the organization were excellent, and the great turn-out has demonstrated a strong interest in SharePoint and growing developer community around it. Great thanks to Ed Musters and other organizers for this great event!

My topic was named "Effective Deployment of SharePoint Publishing Sites", and was largely based on the idea of authoring a custom XML document representing site hierarchy, including variations, sites, pages and web parts. Deployment automation logic would then consume this document and create actual site hierarchy from it - something I have been blogging about earlier. I have also touched on a quite interesting subject of how to assess the worthiness of an upfront effort investment into deployment automation. You can download my presentation here.

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